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Group Fitness Class Members Lend A Little Extra Motivation

Personal trainers garner accolades from clients raving about the benefits of one-on-one workouts. Personal training goes hand in hand with equally personalized attention. Unfortunately, individual sessions can be costly. Thankfully, working out with a trainer isn't the only option available. If you want to get in shape, don't overlook group fitness programs. Just as a personal trainer motivates his/her clients, the members of a group fitness class also inspire. Best of all, drawing from the other members' energy helps overcome the desire to quit.

Stick with Group Fitness Exercise

Weight loss, cardiovascular improvements, and other health benefits don't exactly improve after quitting an exercise routine. Sadly, many people who start an exercise program stop due to boredom and a loss of motivation. Group exercise dynamics might curtail the desire to give up. Enrolling in group classes helps keep everyone motivated by: 

  • Discovering Kindred Fitness Spirits: Self-consciousness frequently overwhelms those interested in getting in shape. True, gym environments can be intimidating due to the presence of fitness lifestyle enthusiasts. A beginner's step aerobics class or an intro to power yoga, however, is usually filled with newbies. Working out with others starting their fitness journey won't be as intimidating. Less intimidation means less of a chance to quit.
  • Seeing Other People's Success: "Where's all this going to lead me?" That's a question often asked by someone wondering what's the real worth of consistent exercise. Gains from a proper exercise routine take time and consistent effort. Results appear gradually. Looking in the mirror doesn't always reveal results even though effects do exist. Others in the group exercise classes can display long-term results. A member boasting of losing 50 pounds of fat and improved marks from a healthcare provider personally reveals why commitment pays off.
  • Gaining Advice and Insight: Fellow travelers sometimes present helpful insights into achieving goals and making recommendations. Maybe someone found excellent results with an at-home DVD fitness program. Another member could suggest a particularly suitable diet. When training with others, you gain the chance to learn from them. If their advice pays off, your motivation may increase.

While working out alone has value, the solo approach comes with limitations. Group exercise classes offer additional benefits.

The Structured Class

Drawing support from others helps. Working out in a group does require structure and guidance to maximize success. A formal fitness class delivers a better path to results than just working out with friends. Workout partners do help, but don't dismiss the value of the expert running the class.

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