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3 Keys To Succeeding With A Strength Training Program

Strength is a huge part of being healthy. The stronger you are, the more active and the more energy you could potentially have. Building strength is often predicated on the strength training program you participate in. Your program can go according to plan if you consider these tips:

Focus on the Big Four

There are many exercises revolved around increasing your strength, but you should start with the big four. These include bench press, shoulder press, deadlift, and squats. These four workouts should remain your foundation, as they net the most results. 

There are several variations to each of the big four, so you can keep your routines varied and interactive. Mixing up these routines every week is also important for avoiding a body plateau. This refers to a period when your body no longer responds to your fitness or diet routine. 

Utilize Barbells 

When you walk into a gym, there are vast amounts of machines to use. The choices may seem too overwhelming, but you need to remember that the barbell is king. It is not the most innovative exercise tool, but it lets you load a lot of weight in a safe manner. That's because instead of using just one hand like you do with a dumbbell, both hands remain in a fixed position. 

Barbells are also a form of resistance training, which requires you to use multiple parts of your body at one time. This is key if you want to remain efficient and not waste too much time in the gym. Lastly, barbells are fairly adaptable as more weight can be added at any time. 

Maintain a Log

Like most workout routines, strength training programs need to be monitored with a log. Otherwise, you don't know how much progress you make between each session. Before working out, write down the exercises you want to do. Then, record how many reps you complete and the amount of weight you use. Then, you can see how strong you're getting in certain areas and see where you need additional work. 

If you're one of those gym members who easily forgets things, you can always work with a trainer. They'll record every exercise and provide feedback after they've had time to analyze your results. 

There are many definitions of strength. If you're looking to enhance your physical strength, you need to utilize the right equipment, exercises, and strategies. Only then will you see results that you're happy with. Contact a gym near you about strength training programs for more information. 

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