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3 Underrated Exercises For Weight Loss

Many people who are ready to lose weight may not exercise because they do not find exercise enjoyable, or they may believe they need to invest hundreds of dollars in a gym or fitness equipment to achieve their goals. But there are several exercises that can help you lose weight that you may have overlooked.


When you need to lose weight, you likely envision running a marathon or spending hours on the treadmill. This is the reason walking is overlooked as a valuable tool in your weight loss goals. For people who have a significant amount of weight to lose or live sedentary lifestyles, walking is a way to break a sweat and raise your heart rate. Another benefit of integrating walking into your exercise regimen is that it's easy to continually challenge yourself. As walking becomes easier, you can walk longer, change your pace, or use inclines or uneven terrain to increase the effectiveness of your workout. If you hate exercising, aim to increase your intensity so your workouts do not need to become longer.


Yoga has numerous benefits on the road to weight loss, depending on the type of yoga you perform. You may want to preview different yoga videos to see which programs meet your goals. For example, you may want to do yoga with many moves that challenge your strength and flexibility. Yoga programs that focus on core strength are a good way to work on a large group of muscles that are essential in everyday behaviors, such as sitting, standing, and walking. When you have a strong core, it is easier to have better posture, and you are less likely to experience common ailments like back pain. Another advantage of integrating yoga is the stress-relieving benefits. Stress hormones are correlated with weight gain, especially in the abdominal area. If you can actively reduce stress while working toward your weight loss goals, your results will be better.

Weight Training

Weight training is undermined as a weight loss tool because many people have misconceptions about lifting. Some women avoid weight training because they are concerned about looking "manly," and generally weight training is considered a tool to gain muscle, not burn fat. Both mindsets are wrong. Building large muscles quickly and maintaining them requires the presence of male hormones. Women who are competitive bodybuilders do not achieve their physique from the average weight training session. They may spend hours in the gym, which is not what the average person plans to do. You should start weight training early in your weight loss journey. The more muscle you can build, the faster you will burn stored fat because muscle raises your resting metabolic rate. Additionally, building muscle can help combat issues with loose or saggy skin as you lose weight.

Finding easy and effective exercises will keep you motivated to continue on your weight loss journey. Simply aiming to become more physically active and increase your lean body mass will help you see results. For more information, contact different local gyms that offer weight training or yoga, like Bliss Network LLC.

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