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4 Ways To Keep Your Fitness Motivation Through The Holidays

After a nice active summer and early fall, the onset of colder weather combined with the various fall holidays can really tank your fitness and nutrition goals. Tailgate parties, Halloween, Thanksgiving, office Christmas parties, and other celebrations mean plenty of access to delicious food and little motivation to get up early for a workout the next day.

If you're worried about falling off the wagon this holiday season, here are four things you can do to help you stay on track. 

1. Join a fitness challenge.

There's nothing quite like competition to help you up your fitness game. Before the holidays start, you might join a buy-in challenge at your gym or fitness studio. The person who wins the challenge can get the prize money collected from all the participants. The thought of some extra cash to help you with your holiday shopping might be the motivation you need to do your morning yoga session and say no to pie. 

2. Track your eating.

You might enjoy a very healthy diet that has little refined sugar or processed foods, but holiday treats tend to be more tempting and special. In order to enjoy these, you might consider tracking your calories so you can still enjoy all the foods at the Thanksgiving table without feeling deprived, but also without going over your calorie goals. This way, you won't feel overfull when you get up to do your workout the next day. 

3. Get some winter workout gear.

Many people might avoid working out because they have ample supply of tank tops and shorts for summer outdoor activities but no warmer workout gear. Invest in some comfortable outdoor workout clothes so you don't feel trapped indoors. People who love the outdoors may also struggle with doing indoor workouts all winter. Getting the right gear can make it so you can enjoy each season outside, if that's what will keep you motivated.

4. Embrace the season.

Colder weather usually sends runners to the treadmill and puts an end to hiking and swimming. Instead of waiting for warm weather to motivate you, why not embrace the season? Look for things you can do in cold weather than you can't do otherwise. You might take an ice skating class, join a local recreational hockey team, go snowshoeing or cross country skiing, or even start a snow shoveling business for your block to get your workout in.

For more ideas, contact a fitness studio in your area, such as Athena Fit Studio

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