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Losing Weight After Pregnancy: How To Shed Those Postpartum Pounds

Now that you've given birth, you may have noticed your body has gone through several changes. It's normal for women to gain weight during pregnancy, but you may be ready to shed those postpartum pounds and get back into the best shape possible. Although you may be struggling to get the weight off, there are many things you can do to see some progress, such as:

Avoid Certain Foods

It's normal for new moms to feel so busy and overwhelmed with their new life that they simply decide to call for a pizza or other takeout food items to save time. However, certain fast food times contain too many calories and carbohydrates, making it far more difficult for you to get the stubborn weight off. If you're focused on shedding the pounds, you'll need to avoid certain foods, such as:

  • French fries
  • Pasta
  • Cookies
  • Fast food burgers
  • Rolls
  • White potatoes

Try to replace most of the carbs with other alternatives that aren't nearly as fattening, such as mashed cauliflower instead of mashed potatoes or spaghetti squash instead of actual pasta. If you make some dietary changes, you'll start to see progress.

Try Drinking Only Water and Green Tea

You may be a fan of that morning coffee with cream and sugar, but there's a good chance it's loaded with calories. Instead of trying to cut back on the calories by using zero-calorie sweeteners, try drinking green tea in the morning and water throughout the day. Plain green tea may give you energy without all the extra calories, and it's good for your metabolism. Water keeps you hydrated and is the absolute best beverage for your body.

Work With a Personal Trainer

Although making some dietary changes could help you lose weight, you may want to tone your body and get into the best physical shape now that you're no longer pregnant. If you're lacking the motivation to go to the gym or to exercise at home, hire a personal trainer to help you. The personal trainer could come up with custom workout routines for you based on the areas you're trying to target and the amount of weight you're trying to lose. The trainer can hold you accountable and help you set realistic goals so that you'll have achievements to look forward to as you start making progress.

If you're having a tough time losing the weight after being pregnant, it may be best to start making some dietary changes. Some of the meals you're eating may be full of calories that aren't good for you. Aside from making these dietary changes, you should work with a personal trainer who can keep you accountable and make sure you're getting in the best shape by stretching and exercising all areas of the body.

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